21 marzo 2024

El Ministerio de Trabajo Bolivia MTEPS dispone, para este viernes 22 de marzo, Jornada Laboral Continua

 El Ministerio de Trabajo Bolivia MTEPS dispone, para este viernes 22 de marzo, Jornada Laboral Continua, de 08:30 hasta las 16:30 horas, para el sector público y privado.

El Ministerio de Trabajo Bolivia MTEPS

08 marzo 2024

Director Ejecutivo - Access Now

About Access Now 

Access Now is an international human rights organization dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of people and communities at risk around the world. By combining direct technical support, strategic advocacy, grassroots grantmaking, and convenings such as RightsCon, the organization fights for human rights in the digital age. 

Since its founding in 2009, Access Now has grown into a team of more than 130 experts working to advance our mission in centers of political power, technical innovation, and civic action around the world, including across Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), and the United States. It has matured into one of the world's leading NGOs in the digital rights sector. 

Every day, Access Now sees the emergence of new technologies and digital tools with the potential to disrupt human rights. To mitigate the threats as they emerge, the organization has its eyes on both today’s developments and the horizon, reacting to what we see and anticipating what lies ahead. With the indispensable support of partners, donors, and allies, Access Now fights to defend inclusive and pluralist democracies; preserve spaces for civil society to flourish; and empower individuals to control their own information, privacy, and identities in data-driven societies.

About the Role

The Executive Director will take the reins of an established organization with a proven track record for achieving results and in its second year of its current five year plan (2022-2027). They will have ultimate responsibility for the delivery of the organizational mission (“to defend and extend the digital rights of people and communities at risk around the world”) and for the success of an ambitious grassroots-to-global program that aims to shift the way that human rights are experienced in the digital age. Additionally, the Executive Director will oversee the growth of the organization, ensure its financial viability through uncertain economic times, and serve as a global leader and ambassador for its diverse team of experts, activists, and technologists. 

We are looking for a highly capable, intuitive leader who has a lived experience and/or extensive knowledge of the issues to which Access Now is committed to, as well as a significant track record in the field of digital rights and/or a deep understanding of the human rights framework. They must have the ability to navigate grassroots activist spaces as easily as global multilateral fora. 

Given the breadth of topics that Access Now addresses, as well as our grassroots-to-global model, the ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of global political and digital trends and frameworks, as well as a strong appreciation and respect for regional and local nuance. They must moreover have a demonstrated belief in an open, secure, and rights-respecting digital sphere, be able to spot relevant technology developments, and know how to triage and prioritize.

Importantly, they should be able to inspire and lead a team that spans the globe and is on the frontlines of the fight for human rights in the digital age. They should have the ability to motivate the team, delegate effectively, celebrate diversity, manage performance, and attract and recruit top talent. They should be a strong and generous advocate of the professional careers of others and support the growth and development of the team wholeheartedly.

The successful candidate should have experience in fundraising and raising the resources needed to sustain an organization. They should know how to pitch a potential donor, liaise with existing donors, and report back to those entities that grant money to Access Now. They should be comfortable engaging with the philanthropic sector, but never at the expense of the organization’s independence, programmatic autonomy, or reputation.

As the chief executive of Access Now, the Executive Director is the primary leader interfacing with the Board of Directors and its subcommittees, including the Finance Subcommittee. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors, and supervises the following direct reports: Chief Operating Officer; Executive Assistant; and the Directors of Development; Legal; Campaigns & Rapid Response; Policy & International Programs; Communications & Engagement; Helpline; and RightsCon. The Executive Director is also responsible for leading the senior management team at Access Now and for building strong and genuine working relationships with relevant regional and programmatic staff.

Applicants should have a high degree of integrity and forethought in their approach to decision making; act with transparency and accountability; be capable of adapting to and leading others through complex situations; and always take into account what is best for the organization. Above all, the Executive Director should be self-reflective and aware of their own limitations; lead by example; and drive the organization to continuously improve by being open to feedback about the organization’s practices and ways of working.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This is an unrivaled opportunity to take the reins of an established and unique global organization at the intersection of technology and human rights around the world. As the chief executive of Access Now, the Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the organization’s mission, program, strategy, and values; its fundraising, finances, and operations; its partnerships and communications; the management of its team; and its governance. 

Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Values

  • Leads on, upholds, and ensures focus on the organization’s mission, vision, strategy, and values 
  • Provides strategic advice, visioning, and support for the global implementation of the organization’s work, across both program (from RightsCon to Grants, the Digital Security Helpline, and Advocacy) and operations (including Human Resources, Finances, Security Operations, and Legal) 
  • Facilitates strategic and operational planning, and ensures the management of the organization’s growth and resilience 

Fundraising, Finances, and Operations

  • Ensures the fundraising of necessary resources to support the organization’s budget, building and maintaining strong relationships with key institutional and other donors toward that end, in coordination with the Director of Development and Organizational Growth 
  • Works closely with the Chief Operating Officer to maintain the fiscal integrity of Access Now, including through the submission of annual budgets, quarterly financial reports, and annually audited accounts to the Finance Subcommittee and the Board of Directors
  • Oversees legal compliance of the organization through oversight and consultation with Access Now’s General Counsel
  • Ensures the successful navigation of the organization through complex operating environments, including through the thoughtful management of existing and emerging risks, in coordination with the Chief Security Officer 

Partnerships, Program, and Communications

  • Acts as a spokesperson and ambassador for Access Now, representing and promoting its mission and work across the digital rights sector, in the media, and in the public sphere more broadly 
  • Strengthens and maintains partnerships, coalitions, and alliances with stakeholders from a variety of different sectors and communities in support of the organizational mission
  • Provides thought leadership and effective advocacy on digital rights issues affecting people and communities at risk 
  • Works with relevant team members to help steer the overall framing, content, and messaging of the organization's programmatic work 

Team Management and Organizational Culture

  • Provides strategic leadership and guidance to the senior leadership team of the organization
  • Manages direct reports, assisting with the creation of individual objectives and work plans in alignment with team and organizational goals and providing advice, direction, and high-level support where useful 
  • Fosters a healthy, mission-driven, and team-centric organizational culture that practices transparency and accountability and prioritizes staff safety, security, and well-being 
  • Works with the Chief Operating Officer and Director of People and Culture to understand the challenges the organization and the staff face and to successfully navigate the team through internal and external issues 
  • Works closely with the Security Operations team to ensure staff safety, understand and anticipate potential risk to team members, and preemptively address and/or respond to risks as they emerge

Board Governance

  • Serves as the primary liaison for the Board and any subcommittees, including the Finance Subcommittee, and works closely with the Board Chair(s) to manage the Board’s agenda and priorities
  • Develops, partners with, activates, and motivates the Board to support and advance the organization’s mission and programming 
  • Supports efforts to recruit and retain new Board members as needed 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics

  • A significant track record in the field of digital rights and/or a deep understanding of the human rights framework
  • Extensive work experience in similar or related role leading an international non-profit organization with significant global operations 
  • An instinct for effective high-level strategic thinking and planning coupled with experience in setting direction and helping a team to prioritize and focus on what matters 
  • A deep understanding of how to lead, motivate, organize, and manage an organization that priorities decentralized decision making how to to cultivate a relationship of trust and accessibility with team members at every level of the organization
  • An approach to leadership, management, and decision making centered on transparency, integrity, equity, empathy, participation, accountability, and inclusion 
  • Proven ability to build strong relationships with current, potential, and future donors and successfully fundraise on behalf of programs 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with experience in public speaking and the ability to speak persuasively and compellingly about the organization to a broad and diverse set of stakeholders across civil society, the private sector, and the public sector
  • Exceptional analytical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills 
  • Adaptable and responsive to fast-paced environments 
  • Knowledge and experience with working in oppressive or closed environments, with an understanding of risk assessment, conflict resolution, and crisis management 
  • Familiarity with financial nonprofit management, including budget preparation, analysis, decision making, and reporting
  • Experience and skill in working with and supporting an international Board of Directors


This is a full-time position with a strong preference for the successful candidate to ultimately be based in (or relocate to) a location where Access Now has an established presence and staff (San José, Costa Rica; New York, USA; Brussels, Belgium; or Berlin, Germany). Candidates from all regions are encouraged to apply. Relocation support is available for the right candidate. At this time most Access Now team members are working through hybrid office arrangements, combining remote at-home work with intermittent use of offices and/or co-working spaces. Regular travel will be required.


Access Now offers competitive compensation and benefits packages that align competitively with locations and regions around the world. Salary for this role varies depending on location and experience, and begins at:

  • Minimum gross monthly salary starting at €10,175.00 EUR (Belgium) 
  • Minimum gross monthly salary starting at $8,996.00 USD (Costa Rica)
  • Minimum gross monthly salary starting at €10,677.00 EUR (Germany)
  • Minimum gross monthly salary starting at $12,475.00 USD (United States)

How To Apply

Please submit the following documents no later than March 31, 2024: 

  • Résumé/CV (removing all personally identifying information such as age, gender, marital status, address, and photo); and 
  • Thoughtful cover letter outlining your suitability for the role, with particular attention to your experience with the core functions. 

Please note that our Strategic Vision will be shared with applicants during the interview process.

Vacante: Director de RRHH y oficina

 Bits of Freedom is een kleine organisatie met grote ambities. Iedereen moet profiteren van de voordelen van het internet, en niemand mag de dupe worden van digitalisering. Dat gaat niet vanzelf. Bits of Freedom is een luis in de pels van overheden en grote bedrijven. Met een team van ongeveer 14 bevlogen mensen, en vanuit een kantoor in Amsterdam, stellen we onrecht aan de kaak. Onze nieuwe collega zal ervoor zorgen dat het kantoor en team op de rit blijven en collega's met plezier en vertrouwen aan het werk kunnen.

Bits of Freedom werkt op het snijvlak van mensenrechten en technologie. Nieuwe technologie kan bijdragen aan een open en rechtvaardige samenleving, maar te vaak doet ‘t dat niet. We zetten ons daarom in voor het versterken van onze rechten en vrijheden in het digitale domein. Constructief waar kan, scherp waar moet. Door wetgeving te beïnvloeden (in Brussel en Den Haag), campagne te voeren en bewustwording te vergroten.

We zijn professioneel en ambitieus. Onze teamsamenstelling kent een mix van talentvolle starters, ervaren krachten en veelbelovende stagiairs. We ambiëren een inclusieve werkplek te zijn met een diversiteit aan perspectieven. En met personeelsbeleid dat gelijke kansen stimuleert en bijdraagt aan het corrigeren van ongelijkheden in onze organisatie, netwerk en sector. Ons werkgeverschap rust op vijf pijlers: bestaanszekerheid, gelijke kansen, regie over je werk, werk/privébalans en investeren in professionele ontwikkeling.

Wat ga je doen?

  • Administratie: Je houdt onze financiële- en personeelsadministratie bij en betaalt facturen. Je verwerkt in- en uitgaande correspondentie (digitaal en papier) en ondersteunt de administratieve werkzaamheden van het bestuur.
  • Beleid en contracten: Je zorgt voor heldere contracten met medewerkers en freelancers, houdt ons scherp op onze wettelijke verplichtingen als werkgever, en zorgt dat onze HR-processen meegroeien met de organisatie.
  • Ontwikkeling en zorg: Je coördineert de on- en offboarding van medewerkers, ondersteunt hen in hun professionele ontwikkeling en speelt een rol bij het voeren van evaluatiegesprekken. Je checkt regelmatig bij je collega's in, en hebt aandacht voor het voorkomen en beperken van verzuim.
  • Ondersteuning: Je helpt bij de organisatie van vergaderingen en bijeenkomsten, en ondersteunt op het gebied van agendabeheer.
  • Kantoor: Je zorgt dat voorraden op tijd vervangen worden en het kantoor netjes blijft. Je zorgt dat iedereen een goede werkplek heeft, het kantoor een fijne plek is om te zijn, en je bent het eerste aanspreekpunt voor de schoonmaker en klusjesman.

Wie ben jij?

Je voelt je thuis in een informele organisatie. Daarnaast denken we dat het handig is als je je in een groot deel van het volgende herkent:

  • Omgevingsbewustzijn: Je kunt goed luisteren en je inleven in anderen, en bent reflectief op je eigen handelen. Je voelt aan wanneer het echt weer tijd wordt voor een teamuitje, of wanneer iemand extra in het zonnetje moet worden gezet.
  • Nauwkeurig: Je communiceert zorgvuldig en werkt met oog voor detail.
  • Plannen en organiseren: Je neemt veel initiatief, vindt het makkelijk om overzicht te bewaren en om anderen aan te spreken.
  • Achtergrond: Je hebt eerdere ervaring in een soortgelijke functie. Het liefst bij een maatschappelijke organisatie en/of bij een organisatie met een relatief jong werknemersbestand.
  • Voor deze functie is het belangrijk dat je goed Nederlands spreekt en schrijft.

Je bent 32 uur per week beschikbaar, en werkt op ons kantoor in Amsterdam.

Wat bieden wij?

  • Werk dat er toe doet;
  • Veel autonomie en vertrouwen;
  • Sensitieve en kundige collega’s;
  • Aandacht voor een gezonde werk/privé-balans;
  • Goed werkgeverschap (en het bewustzijn dat we ons daarin moeten blijven ontwikkelen);
  • Een baan voor 32 uur per week;
  • We hebben een strak inschalingsbeleid om scheve salarissen te voorkomen. Het salaris bedraagt, afhankelijk van het aantal jaar relevante ervaring in een vergelijkbare rol, tussen de € 2.946 en € 3.955 per maand bij fulltime (40 uur per week);
  • Vakantiegeld (8%), 25 vrije dagen, een ontwikkelbudget, een pensioenregeling en -bijdrage (10%) en een sabbaticalregeling. We hebben geen dertiende maand.

Solliciteer nu!

Solliciteren kan door te mailen naar Inge Wannet, inge@bitsoffreedom.nl, uiterlijk op zondag 31 maart 2024 om 23:59 uur. E-mail ons één bestand met daarin je CV en een brief waarin je in ieder geval antwoord geeft op de volgende vragen:

  • Kun je een voorbeeld geven van personeelsbeleid dat jij als heel positief hebt ervaren?
  • Wat zou je veranderen aan je vorige of huidige kantooromgeving?

De eerste gesprekken vinden plaats op 15 en 16 april in Amsterdam. We gaan er vanuit dat er twee gespreksrondes zullen zijn. De startdatum is in overleg, maar we vinden het liefst iemand die per 1 juli kan beginnen.

Bits of Freedom wil een inclusieve organisatie en werkgever zijn waarin ruimte is voor verschillen, iedereen zich thuis voelt en zich ten volle kan ontwikkelen. Medewerkers die zich goed kunnen inleven in verschillende leefwerelden vinden we belangrijk. Referenties zijn nog niet nodig.

Fairwork contrata a un Administrador de Proyectos de Investigación

 We are looking to appoint a Research Project Administrator for the Fairwork project.

Location: Oxford, UK
Salary: £28,759 to £33,966 per annum
Contract: Fixed-Term/Contract 17 months; part-time (18.25 hrs/week)

Fairwork is an action research project that assesses digital labour platforms against principles of fair work, and uses that research to push for positive change in the gig economy. The project currently operates in 39 countries on five continents.

The Oxford Internet Institute – founded in 2001 – is a multidisciplinary research and teaching department of the University of Oxford, dedicated to the social science of the Internet.

This is a part-time post for 18.25 hours per week, available immediately for a fixed term of 17 months and based in Oxford.

Reporting to the Project Manager, the Administrator position will provide general administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of the Project’s grants, accounts, specific research projects and other general support services as might be needed. They will oversee the day-to-day administrative tasks of the project, as well as prepare documentation and reporting as required by the funder of the project.

The successful candidate will have:

  • a working knowledge or appreciation of research administration
    experience of working as part of a large research project in a higher education setting
  • a ‘can do’ attitude and will be adaptable and able to respond at short notice to urgent matters at the same time as progressing ongoing projects
  • excellent attention to detail
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • the ability to communicate with a wide range of people
  • Experience of working in research project administration and proven ability to work independently and accurately with detailed narrative is essential.
  • Prior work with numerical and financial data and dealing proactively with a range of tasks whilst prioritising competing demands also highly favoured.

Further queries can be directed to Dr. Funda Ustek Spilda – funda.ustek@oii.ox.ac.uk. Feel free to reach out to her for any questions or clarification.

You will be required to upload a supporting statement, a CV, and details of two referees as part of your online application.

The closing date for applications is 12.00 midday on 15 March 2024. Only online applications received before then will be considered.

Interviews for those short-listed are currently planned to take place on 2 April.

Committed to equality and valuing diversity 

Director de Investigación - Identidad y Migración


Research Manager

Location: Remote

Team: Research and Advisory

Job Type: Part-time Contractor

Application Deadline: 15th March 2024

Who we are

About Caribou Digital

Caribou Digital delivers fund management, learning partnerships, and research, advisory, and measurement services to organizations worldwide. Private foundations, commercial partners, and agencies rely on Caribou Digital to help them make data-driven decisions, accelerate their learning from investments, and become more catalytic in their initiatives. Our mission is to create a more inclusive and ethical digital world, and we know that this work is challenging. When you join Caribou Digital, you’ll have a significant opportunity to shape digital ecosystems, drive meaningful impact, and further develop your expertise in the digital economy.

The project: Identity and Migration: Making digital wallets work for people on the move and wider society

Our new project – supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and administered through the non-profit arm of Caribou Digital – seeks a part time (3 days a week) Research Manager for (12) months to coordinate an international study on migrants’ identification needs with the aim of shaping migration governance and digital identity policy.

Project background:

Beyond analyses of mobile phone use by migrants and refugees, little attention is paid to technologies that ostensibly benefit ‘people on the move’. Our project is interested in what new digital identity technologies mean for these groups, and vulnerable people more generally. The digital wallet model in particular proposes to reformulate institutional arrangements, governance models, privacy protections, patterns of authority, and the very landscape of trust surrounding digital identity and payment. However, as previous research has demonstrated, these technological innovations may serve to disempower people in unexpected ways.

    The project aims to assess the inclusionary and exclusionary dimensions of digital wallets for migrants, and produce a set of policy and design recommendations to ensure that the development of wallets supports migrants’ needs. The project is particularly oriented around the current EU efforts to develop a digital identity wallet, as well as emerging open source standard-setting initiatives, and aims to provide inputs to ensure that these developments incorporate migrant needs.

    Key tasks:
    The Research Manager will support the project across different activities:

    Research support

    • Review and analyze research data
    • Conduct literature reviews and draft summaries
    • Support synthesis and narration of findings
    • Participate in writing academic papers and policy reports, including taking the lead on certain publications
    • Track key developments related to migration governance and digital identity

    Partner management

    • Support working and liaison with research partners and collaborators to ensure timely and high-quality deliverables
    • Review partners’ research methodologies, plans, and instruments
    • Respond to partners’ questions and help troubleshoot emergent problems

    Meeting and event support

    • Organize research team meetings, including international project gatherings
    • Take notes at meetings/events and ensure proper documentation/reporting
    • Represent the project at specified public events

    Project communications

    • Draft a regular (monthly) project newsletter on digital identity and migration governance
    • Support the project team with public communications at project events, publications, and achievements
    • Collaborate to write blogs to showcase project findings
    • Work closely with the project funder to ensure coordinated communications

    Desired skills/characteristics

    • Strong interpersonal, verbal, written communication, and presentation skills
    • Propensity to solve problems proactively and thoughtfully
    • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary setting
    • Ability to manage up
    • Strong organizational and planning skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Sensitivity to cross-cultural differences


    • Strong knowledge of relevant policy and academic literature on migration governance and/or digital identity (PhD or MA desired)
    • Knowledge of social research methods and their application in practice
    • Previous research/management experience on related topics
    • Experience working on large, multi-institutional research projects (desired but not essential)
    • Experience in refugee/migration sector (desired but not essential)

    We particularly encourage applicants from the Global South and from under-represented groups, including migrants, to apply.

    Note: some international travel may be required for this role.

      Remote work at Caribou Digital

      We are a global organization that primarily operates remotely, enabling us to tap into the best talent from various regions. Our remote team members spend about 90% of their work time in home offices or local co-working spaces. Periodically, teams come together in person for workshops, client presentations, and during our annual staff retreats. We continuously improve our remote-first approach as we learn more about what contributes to better results for our staff and our clients.

      Pay and benefits

      The daily rate for this position is between €200 and €260. This compensation range covers various career levels within Caribou Digital, and it will be refined as we progress through the interview process, taking into account factors such as the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

      We’re excited to meet you

      We are looking for people who have high standards, act with integrity, and care about making the digital world more fair and inclusive. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t match the job description exactly. Cariboux come from all sorts of backgrounds, but we’re united by our mission to create a better and more ethical digital world. We value different perspectives and people who think critically and aren’t afraid to question things.

      07 marzo 2024

      El Ministerio de trabajo confirma tolerancia laboral por el día internacional de la mujer

       El Ministerio de Trabajo dispuso tolerancia de media jornada laboral para trabajadoras del sector público y privado este viernes 8 de marzo en conmemoración al Día Internacional de la Mujer.

      El Ministerio de trabajo confirma tolerancia laboral por el día internacional de la mujer